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A  Single Minded Passion

Big Wong is about PASSION, a single-minded passion to share exceptional food experiences. From a humble start as a small restaurant in Gurgaon, Big Wong has captured the imagination and taste buds of customers. Since the very beginning, our flavors have drawn rave reviews, word of mouth has spread, foodies have come from far and wide to experience what all the hype is about, our queues outside the restaurant have grown exponentially. Our passion is at the heart of our rapid expansion and an ever-increasing popularity.

We are on a mission

To be the nation's largest, most recognized, and respected pan-asian dine-in and delivery restaurant, that serves devastatingly delicious food at pocket-friendly prices.




There is no spoon..

Why do all pan-asian restaurant look the same? Lets create an environment that is exciting, works on all senses,  and is non-intimidating 



The food, the whole food, and nothing but the food. 

Food is not static, it evolves, and we have to evolve with location, time, and people's aspirations. 

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Let the games begin

"In India, when you think about Pizza, what comes to mind – Dominos; when you think about Burgers, what comes to mind – Mc Donald's. When you think about pan-asian, what comes to mind - !!!. This is the mind gap we will fill."

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